SAHS SPRING AUCTION on Sunday 30.5.2021 at 12.00


The Arms Historic Society of Finland. Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura r.y. (SAHS)

The aim of SAHS is to act as a collective bond between gun collectors, to promote historical knowledge and research of guns and associated artifacts, and to preserve the cultural values involved. A further aim is to keep the aforementioned material in original condition.

To promote its values SAHS organizes meetings, displays, conferences, trips, and gives reports. SAHS conducts research on guns and related material, organizes practice or show shootings, and shooting competitions with old or black powder guns.

SAHS publishes relevant articles mainly through ASE-lehti, a Finnish language gun magazine.

SAHS represents Finland on a European level as a member of FESAC (Foundation for the European Societies of Arms Collectors).

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Export instructions for foreign customer and costs

New Year greetings from the new Chairman – Pasi Kesäniemi



Weapons into the safe
Colt 1903 Hammer Pocket– Pistol classic by the pen of Browning
Izhmash Saiga
Derya MK-12 IP-500 – Shotgun with magazine for active use
CZ Bren 2MS – Renewed model
Tikka T1x MTR – Affordable miniature riffle by well-known manufacturer
CZ 457 Varmint MTR – New modelseries of very popular CZ riffle
Benchmade 2020
Pistol caliber accuracy in carbine?
Bayerian Police Museum
SAHS: Column of the chairman


As a member of the society you get services, benefits and appreciation

  • Membership of a respectable club
  • Effective route to legislation
  • Help with problems with weapons and collectibles
  • Interesting events, meetings and visits for collectors and enthusiasts
  • Member ASE-magazine
  • Contact with other enthusiasts

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SAHS arranges gun and militaria auctions normally twice a year. Auctions are open to the public. Items for sale can be studied before the auction.

Photos of most of the items are available on our webpages. You can leave your items for sale, also.

Buyer pays the final price added with 13 % auction commission for SAHS. Cash and debit cards accepted at the auction site.

Prebidding is possible via e-mail. Last minute to leave offer is Friday night before the auction. No later bids will be noticed. Please notice that you must receive verification of your offer, unverified offers have not been received in time.

Autumn auction will be held as a part of Ikaalinen Gun Show. For dates, please refer to our calendar and pages below. Here you can also find auction list a couple of weeks before the date. Old auctionlists with prices can be found in “Previous auctions” -page.

After last bid SAHS is not responsible of items sold. Guns and ammo are sold only for collection purposes, not for use. For paperwork, you have three months to collect your licensed gun. Buyer is responsible of all expences after buying the items. (If items will be delivered by SAHS, buyer pays for packaging, export licenses, transportation costs etc.)

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