Honorary president Heikki Pohjolainen into arms historic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Arms historic Hall of Fame is a honorary gallery founded by the Arms Historic Society of Finland. It’s a tribute by Finnish arms collectors to individuals who has made an exceptional contribution to preserve and develop arms history. The first person selected for the arms historic Hall of Fame was announced on the 80th birthday of the honorary president of Arms Historic Society of Finland Heikki Pohjolainen, on the 17th of December, 2020.

#1 – Heikki Pohjolainen
Born 1940
Honorary President and founding member of the Arms Historic Society of Finland
Most internationally renowned Finnish arms collector
An influencer and a recorder of the past
Founder in the lobbying organization for arms historics FESAC (Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors)

Heikki Pohjolainen is the pioneer of arms collecting who participated in founding the Arms Historic Society of Finland and its rules on the 13th of July 1965. He is the only founding member of the society still alive. It’s the merit of him and the Arms Historic Society of Finland that the arms history of Finland has been preserved. “When the artifacts of WWII where about to be destroyed during 1970-80, the society influenced to the extent that as a result the material was sold to collectors instead. Finland is one of the countries where the artifacts of WWII have been best preserved. Many larger countries have destroyed their history almost completely”, Pohjolainen informs.

Heikki has influenced all changes in arms jurisdiction and represented the collectors community. In the renewal in 1998 he played a major role  in progressing sensible procedures. He invented the idea that makes it possible to hand over arms to the police without any sanctions.

Pohjolainen also participated in establishing FESAC, the foundation governing the interests of European arms collectors. The foundation has been in a significant position for governing the interests of arms collectors in lobbying in the European Union.  

He has a private museum where representatives of the authorities or the defense can visit on invitation.

The members and the board of the Arms Historic Society of Finland as well as arms collectors of Finland congratulates Heikki.