New Year greetings from the new Chairman – Pasi Kesäniemi

New Year greetings from the new Chairman

We all have experienced in many ways an exceptional year. The Arms Historic Society of Finland
changed the Chairman at the turn of the year. This event doesn’t include any drama as such, but is more like a roll of duties.

As I was born in the 70’s I’m very young compared to the average aged arms collector. Besides of being an arms collector I also practice all kinds of shooting and hunting. Lately I have been responsible for the shooting competitions of SAHS and have become familiar with many either then or otherwise on the shooting range.
I don’t know everything, but I don’t need to, as Esa will continue as well as the rest of the knowledgeable board.

The activities will continue as before if the circumstances allows for it. Auctions, shooting days & competitions, Gun Show and so forth. More of my thoughts will be relieved in the Chairmans column in the February issue of the Ase magazine.

ps The price of weapons permit will remain the same in 2021. Because of Covid-19 the number of passports admitted during last year decreased and this year the price has been raised by 7 €. Let us keep the permit fiscals busy not to allow the permit prices to rise even further! SAHS works actively on making the prices for weapons permits reasonable.

A pleasurable and safe New Year,
Pasi Kesäniemi
Arms Historic Society of Finland