Auction rules and export instructions

Auction rules (Guide for buyers)

1. Condition of items
Items are sold in the condition which they are presented at the auction (as they are, where they are). The Arms Historic Society of Finland (Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura) does not take responsibility for possible faults in descriptions stated on auction catalogue.

The Arms Historic Society of Finland does not guarantee working condition of the weapons or ammunition. Items are sold only as collectibles.

2. Public viewing of items
Items are open for public viewing before the auction. Complaints are not accepted after the auction because it is possible to inspect the items beforehand.

Although items may be listed in a catalog as being available for bidding, the auctioneer reserves the right to remove items from bidding at any time, for any reason.

3. Bidding
Participants use paddles to make bids–done so by holding them in a way that’s visible to the auctioneer.

Items are sold by means of Open Ascending Price Auction. The Buyers openly bid against one another, where each subsequent bid must be higher than the previous. The Goods will be sold based on the highest bid by the Buyer (Winning Bid). All disputes over matters related to bidding are referred to the auctioneer, who has final say.

4. Written bidding
An absent buyer can make a written bid via our webpage or via email: kirjallinentarjous(at)

A written bid must be delivered latest at 9.00 pm previous day before the auction takes place. If there are several written bids with the same value, the bid delivered earlier wins. The written bid must contain the following information:

HIGHEST bid the buyer is ready to make.

ITEM number that the buyer is bidding.


Bids delivered via email are valid when the buyer has received a confirmation message. Bids delivered after time limit are not valid.

5. Minimum raise
In ongoing auction, when the item price stays under 100 euro, the minimum raise is 2 euro. Over 100 euro, the minimum raise is 10 euro. Over 200 euro the minimum raise is 20 euro. All raises must be on even euros, cents are not accepted. Auctioneer may choose minimum raise differing from what has been stated before.

Bidding starts from the reserve price and each subsequent bid must be higher than the previous. The official responsible for written bids attends the auction when he is authorized to act. If a written bid and a live bid are of the same value, the live buyer is offered a chance to raise the bid.

6. Commission
The buyer is charged 13 % (incl. VAT) commission which is calculated from the hammer price of the item. Commission is added to the price of the item.

Payment is possible with cash and common credit cards. In case of credit card payment, the service provider fee is charged. Price list is on display at the cash register.

7. Payment
Purchases under 100 euro must be paid immediately after the auction. Purchases over 100 euro can be paid via invoice. Down payment of 20% must be paid immediately after the auction, and the rest within 14 days. Buyer can have the item after full payment. If the purchase is never paid, Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura keeps the down payment. Items which require permit are handed over by auctioneer, or thru individually agreed procedure.

8. Handover of the items
Weapons which require permit can be handed over if the buyer is a registered weapons dealer, or has a permit to buy such a weapon. Documents must be presented during the hand over. Byer owns the item after full payment. If the buying permit is not delivered within three months’ time after the auction, auctioneer considers that the buyer has given up his rights to his purchase. Payment is not returned. If the byer chooses not to take purchased item along after the auction, byer is responsible of all expenses caused by storing, transporting, insuring, mailing, packaging etc. of the item. Auctioneer is not responsible for the items after the auction.

Items can be delivered to the buyer after the auction. Buyer is charged a packaging service fee of 5 euro per item and the package material & delivery expenses.

9. Export instructions for foreign customer 
Documents that you must provide to get firearms to destination country 
– Import permission from authorities of the destination country (countries outside EU region)
– Prior informed consent from authorities of the destination country (countries inside EU region) 
– End-user certificate (EUC2) in all cases. The official stamp and signature of the authority of the destination country are found on page two of the EUC2 document. This document proofs that the end-user is certified and competent to handle and possess firearms listed on the end-user certificate.
– Copy of the end-user passport.
– Copy of the invoice/invoices containing the products
– All the original (no copies) documents must be delivered by post in one envelope at once. NOT by email or by any other means. NOT in several envelopes at different times. – Every export/transfer permit is processed individually by Finnish authorities. It’s NOT possible to merge several permits on one application. 

10. Costs 
Every application is charged under tariff defined by Finnish authorities.

Tariff 2021:
– Commercial export permit (outside EU region) 135 €
– Commercial export permit (inside EU region) 40 €
– Export/transfer permit granted by Finnish Ministry of Defense 150 €
– Transfer permit for private individual 35 € per item + 36 € per transfer permit The Arms Historic Society of Finland tariff for handling and packing costs
– Packing and handling 5 € per item, however minimum of 50 € per delivery.
– Wooden packing box (500x350x1420mm) 90 € VAT 0%
– Other packing materials or special requests are charged case by case.

Export instructions for foreign customer