Membership of SAHS

To become a member an applicant needs two recommendations from active members who have been members for at least two years. Police references etc. are also acceptable. After joining, the new member’s collecting activity is guided by the recommending members for two years.

Knowledge of Guns
The applicant must have acceptable knowledge of gun history and good knowledge of gun legislation. For this reason SAHS organizes written tests for applicants. The test will be held after receiving a formal membership application. Applicants are individually called to take the test. The gun history test is weighted to the applicant’s own line of collecting and universal gun history. The source material consists of the books “Hand Guns” by Frederic Wilkinson, and “Sotilaskäsiaseet Suomessa 1918-1988” by Markku Palokangas. The gun legislation test will include following: Bill of laws and acts for edged weapons. Bill of laws and acts for firearms and ammunition.

Gun collection
There is no specific rule about collections, but SAHS board members will decide every case separately. As a general rule, active knowledge of gun history is as important as the scope of the collection.

Safe storage of guns
The guns listed in the application and their safe storage will be checked before membership is granted. A check on the premises by Police authorities will also apply.

Application form
The membership application must be completed in writing on the SAHS approved form. Applications should be sent to the following address:

Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura ry
Nahkatehtaankatu 2

90130 OULU

You can fill in and print the application form over The Arms Historic Society of Finland: Application form